Thursday, February 2, 2017

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha

Shri Shri Sadhu Baba was live at Srikhanda on 20th January to 22nd January. It is a great experience to see him live at Srikhanda Baradanga Prangan on Manab Kathai Madhab Katha Function.
We wll be happy if this program will occur once again in Srikhanda.

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha at srikhanda

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha at srikhanda1

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha at srikhanda baradanga

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha at srikhanda

Manab Kathai Madhab Katha at srikhanda baradanga
Watch Daily Shri Shri Sadhu Baba on Sonar Bangla Tv daily 6.55am morning.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jhulan Purnima - Jhulan Yatra - Srikhnada

প্রতি বছরের মত এবারেও শ্রীখণ্ড গ্রামের ঠাকুর বাড়িতে ঝুলন উৎসব পালিত হল। এখানে সেই  ঝুলন উৎসব অনুষ্ঠানের কিছু নমুনা চিত্র পোস্ট করা হল। 
Krishna - Mahaprabhu srikhanda jhulan

Gauranga Mahaprabhu jhulan purnima srikhanda

Jhulan utsav srikhanda thakur bari

Jhulan yatra  at Srikhanda Mahaprabhu

Jhulan Purnima srikhanda thakur bari

আলোচনাতে অনশগ্রহন করুন ফেসবুকে

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Madhumati 2014(1421)

I published the Madhumati Patrika (1421) on Google Drive. Kindly follow the download link to download it. It contains various articles and poems. It also contains some rare picture of Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Gopinath. I also posted some page shots. For reading this book use a pdf viewer.
This book printed and published by Srikhanda Madhumati Samity after Durga Puja every year. After reading this book share your view about the book on our facebook group. Size of the book 11.9 MB. I don't compressed any page as I wanted it in High Quality. This year Baradanga Utsav starts on 17th November. In Bengali month 30th Karthik. Last year I published two Videos relating this festival on my Youtube Channel. If you want hard copy of this book please contact with the member of the Madhumati Samity or contact with Mr. Chinmoy Thakur ( mobile no - 9933053794). You can also get this book and also other book relating Narahari Sarkar and Srikhanda During festival. You can also contact with President of Srikhanda Madhumati Samity Mr. Prakashananda Thakur. You can get his mobile number in the book. The books are ''Srikhanda er Prachin Baisnab'' , "Rasaraj Gauranga" , Shri Shri Gour bhakti chandrika", "Gauranga Gita" written by Gour Gunanananda Thakur and Shri Shri Bakti Chandrika (potol) & "Sri krishna Bhajanamritam" By Narahari Sarkar Prabhu.
You can download this book on your PC or laptop and also by your smartphone.

                               Download Madhumati Book                                     
Here preview of some selective page

madhumati patrika
books published by madhumati

appeal by madhumati samity

anussthan suchi and gadhadar gour narhari sarakar
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